Maria is International Business and Marketing Consultant and best-selling author

with more than 27 years of entrepreneurial experience appeared in front of different audiences from10 to 200 people.

Maria spoke and trained at different settings:

Entrepreneurial Events, Professional Associations, Speaker’s Summit, Chambers of Commerce, Women Advancing, Girls in Tech (Las Vegas), Schools, Manufacturing companies, Professional schools.

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MelindaGoodwin WOW! Is all I can say about this amazing woman who has so much to offer us as we create a successful business. Maria recently spoke at our monthly luncheon as a key note for the Washington County Board of Realtors. Given her previous experience as a local realtor and how she discovered "Being Visible".

She is a very dynamic speaker. She engaged her audience, and honestly, she pushed a few buttons (the ones that we all ignore, but are critical to our success). I loved her no BS style and honesty.

As a client of Maria, I can truly say that she has changed my life. She gives me the motivation I need in order to be "The Agent" in our community. I am forever grateful for her guidance!

Melinda Goodwin Luxury Real Estate Expert, Member of Education Committee for WCBR, UT,

Maria Speaking at X-Event (TED-like talk) in Miami, FL

Larry Winget, a professional motivational speaker, bestselling author, television personality and social commentator is introducing Maria Serbina at X Live Event.

MelindaGoodwin We scheduled our training with her and it took our staff about a month to absorb all of the content that she presented.

Maria, was right there every step of the way to walk them through the process of having no presence on Google, and social media, to an active and rapidly growing presence on all levels.

Her strategy is very deliberate, no fluff, and to the point. If you don't want to hear the truth, don't ask Maria. Our organization welcomes candor and good, solid direction. Maria delivered, and she continues to do so.

Brad Harrell, CEO & Principle CargoGlide, UT